Visual identity


A logo in the form of a monogram is the graphic symbol of the “Artes Liberales Institute” Foundation. The monogram consists of two letters, A and L, corresponding to the Latin term Artes Liberales.

The style of lettering of the Foundation’s monogram refers to the signature used by Albrecht Dürer to designate his works.

The Foundation’s Name

The Foundation’s name in Polish and in foreign languages:


Polish Fundacja „Instytut Artes Liberales
English Artes Liberales Institute” Foundation
Belorussian Фундацыя «Інстытут Artes Liberales»
Russian фонд «Институт Artes Liberales»
Ukrainian фонд «Інститут Artes Liberales»
Modern Greek Ίδρυμα «Ινστιτούτο Artes Liberales»
Latin Fundatio “Institutum Artium Liberalium
Spanish Fundación «Instituto Artes Liberales»
Italian Fondazione «Istituto Artes Liberales»
French Fondation «Institut Artes Liberales»

Downloadable Material

Artes Liberales Institute” Foundation logo – PNG (72 and 300 ppi), AI and EPS files.

For the rules for using the FIAL logo or in order to obtain other file formats, please contact the Foundation’s Secretary, Joanna Romanowicz (

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